The people who make decisions about employee access to the Internet are being assailed from all sides with reports and studies that increase FUD — fear, uncertainty, and doubt. As a result, frustrated business leaders, nervous human resources staff,¬†and kneejerk IT departments are choosing to block vast territories on the Web.

Blogs represent one of the great knowledge transfer environments in the history of civilization, but companies are blocking access to blogs. Social networks expand the potential for everything from recruiting to market intelligence, but companies are blocking access to social networks. CEOs everywhere want employees to be actively engaged in their companies, but the first message companies send to employees is, “We don’t trust you.” Companies battle for the best and brightest of the next generation of employees, but refuse to let these young professionals use the communication tools that have been core to their early success.

This site is dedicated to providing resources for those who choose to resist the irrational blocking employees from wide swaths of online content. It is a collaborative effort to document the benefits of providing access and answers to the concerns raised by fearmongers (not to mention the legitimate issues that companies can address with taking the draconian step of access restriction).

This campaign was started by Shel Holtz, who has written and spoken extensively on the subject.

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