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Kicking off a boycott of companies that block

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B.L. Ochman offers five reasons for open access

B.L. Ochman, author of the What’s Next blog, has listed five reasons for keeping employee access to social networks open. Ochman, Managing Director of Emerging Media for Proof Integrated Communications (Burson-Marsteller’s digital marketing unit), was responding to a client’s assertion that YouTube is blocked at his company despite the fact that many employees carry the means to watch YouTube videos in their pockets.

Ochman’s five reasons for keeping access open:

  • Resistance is futile thanks to the proliferation of smart phones
  • Employees who don’t want to get their work done don’t need social networks to waste time
  • Social networks actually can make workers more productive
  • You’ll miss great ideas that emerge from conversation and collaboration
  • Employees are more trustworthy than they’re given credit for

“If you can’t trust your employees, you have one of two problems,” Ochman writes. “You are hiring the wrong people or you are not properly training the people you hire.”

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