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Dell unblocks Facebook

Todd Dwyer, Community Liaison/Environment for Dell, posted an item to the Direct2Dell blog announcing another in a series of environmental conversations taking place over at the company’s ReGeneration site. This one’s a contest in which Facebook members use the Graffiti tool to to express their views on what it means to “Go Green.” Dell’s giving away a green Inspiron laptop to the winner.

In his post, Dwyer noted that Dell has unblocked employee access to Facebook so the company’s workers can view and participate in the contest themselves. Dwyer also wrote that other social media sites have been unblocked, as well. Dell continues to display the characteristics of an enlightened company. Must be a heck of a place to work!

Facebook breaks boost productivity

A study from a research group in the UK has determined that employees who take short breaks online — using Facebook, for instance — can improve employee productivity. MindLap International looked at European women from seven countries. The study deliberately provoked stress among the test subjects by having them complete computer-based intelligence tests. The women were then given 10-minute breaks to go online before returning to the test. The breaks reduced stress and improved productivity.

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